Is the registration fee per paper or individual?

Registration fee is per individual and it includes "Conference kit, Lunch coupons and Banquet dinner".


How many extended abstracts can be submitted from each registered ID?

There is no limit on submission of number of extended abstracts and/or full manuscripts through individual's ID. However, there is a limit on number of presentations (oral and/or poster) by an individual and is two.

Is there any format for submitting the extended abstract?

Yes, please click on the "DOWNLOADS" Tab on the navigation bar to get the extended abstract template.

What is the maximum page limit for submission of manuscript (full length paper)?

The maximum page limit for manuscript is EIGHT.


Is there any format for Registration and password setting?

As such there is no format for registration but by using a single email-id you can register only once. Please refrain from registering using multiple email-ids. There is no fixed format for password. However, please make sure that the length of the password is at least 8 characters and it has at least one digit, one alphabet and a non alpha-numeric character. If these rules are not followed you might get errors in registration.


The importance of heat and mass transfer phenomena is ever increasing in the traditional areas of thermal and fluids engineering as well as in emerging areas such as those related to thermal management, additive manufacturing, green buildings, and micro- and nano-scale transport phenomena in biological systems. All over the world, intensive research is being carried out on all aspects of fluid flow and heat transfer using theoretical, computational and experimental approaches.

         This conference aims to bring together, the researchers and practitioners from academia, R&D institutions and industries, and exchange experiences, disseminate up-to-date information and explore new collaborative opportunities in their fields. This conference includes invited keynote talks by distinguished experts from industry and academia (across the globe) and number of parallel technical (oral and poster) sessions spread over full three days. The organizers strongly believe that the young researchers would get an opportunity to talk to experts and get motivated further to produce high quality works.

Conference Themes

Authors are invited to submit the extended abstract (maximum two pages), in the prescribed format, covering the following broad areas (but not limited to) on or before 15th February 2017. On acceptance of the abstract, a full manuscript has to be prepared in the prescribed format and submitted for a peer review process latest by 30th June 2017. Templates for the extended abstract and manuscript submissions can be downloaded from the Conference webpage ishmt2017. All submissions are through Conference webpage only.

  • Aerodynamics

  • Atmospheric flows

  • Biological heat and mass transfer

  • Combustion and reactive flows

  • Cryogenics

  • Electronic and photonic cooling

  • Energy engineering

  • Environmental engineering

  • Experimental techniques

  • Heat transfer enhancement

  • Heat transfer equipments

  • Heat transfer in nuclear applications

  • Materials processing and manufacturing

  • Microscale and nanoscale transport

  • Multiphase transport and phase change

  • Multi mode heat transfer

  • Numerical methods

  • Propulsion

  • Refrigeration and air conditioning

  • Space heat transfer

  • Transport phenomena in porous media

  • Turbulent transport

Publication of Selected Papers

Selected papers will be published in special issues of "Heat Transfer Engineering" Journal Taylor & Francis .

Also, Begell House Inc., USA will publish the IHMTC-2017 proceedings as ISHMT Digital Library,which will be indexed by Google Scholar, SCOPUS, ISI Web of Science and other databases.

Registration Charges

SAARC Countries

Category Before 30th Sept. 2017 After 30th Sept. 2017
Students INR 2000 INR 2500
ISHMT Members
(Academic Institutions)
INR 5000 INR 5500
(Industry and R&D Organization)
INR 6000 INR 6500
Accompanying Person
- INR 2500

Non - SAARC Countries

Category Before 30th Sept. 2017 After 30th Sept. 2017
Students US $100 US $125
(Academic Institutions)
US $300 US $350
(Industry and R&D Organization)
US $400 US $450
Accompanying Person
- US $125


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