Is the registration fee per paper or individual?

Registration fee is per individual and it includes "Conference kit, Lunch coupons and Banquet dinner".

Contacts for different committees

For any query, authors, co-authors and partcipants are kindly requested to contact the following lead members and expect the reply within 2-3 days.
All queries must mark a CC to ihmtc2017@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

  • Technical Submissions & Reviews:

    Dr. Karri Badarinath: badarinath@iith.ac.in

    Dr. N. Jalaiah: jalaiah@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

  • Technical Events:

    Prof. K. Venkatasubbaiah: kvenkat@iith.ac.in

    Prof. M. Srinivas: morasrini@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

  • Registration:

    Dr. Santanu P. Datta: spdatta@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

  • Sponsorship:

    Dr. Ram Chandra Murthy: rcmurthy@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

  • Accommodation:

    Dr. N. Jalaiah: jalaiah@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

  • Transportation:

    Prof. N. Suresh Kumar Reddy: nskreddy@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

  • Webpage Management:

    Dr. R. Parameshwaran: parameshwaranr@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

  • Organizing Secretaries:

    Prof. Jeevan Jaidi: jaidi@hyderabad.bits-pilani.ac.in

    Prof. Raja Banerjee: rajabanerjee@iith.ac.in


How many extended abstracts can be submitted from each registered ID?

There is no limit on submission of number of extended abstracts and/or full manuscripts through individual's ID. However, there is a limit on number of presentations (oral and/or poster) by an individual and is two.

Is there any format for submitting the extended abstract?

Yes, please click on the "DOWNLOADS" Tab on the navigation bar to get the extended abstract template.

What is the maximum page limit for submission of manuscript (full length paper)?

The maximum page limit for manuscript is EIGHT.

What is the deadline for submission of Full Paper Manuscript?

The deadline for submission of Full Paper is 30th June. Any extension will be announced later.

Where can I find the details of my abstract/full paper submission?

The details of your paper (paper number, title)mentioned in the profile page are final (however you can edit your title in case it does not match with your abstract title). These are the ones to be used in your full paper manuscripts wherever required. The IHMTC id is a number required for your identification in case we need to refer/contact you.

How to submit the Full Paper Manuscript?

If your abstract has been accepted, you can now see a button corresponding to your submission. Clicking on the button would lead you to the submissions page. Please note that after submitting the paper you can edit your paper and edit the file-title. Also you can delete your paper and resubmit it again. However deleting the paper will remove all records of the existence of your full paper. So please make sure that you resubmit within June 30th (or whichever is the final date of submission of Full Paper Manuscript)


Is there any format for Registration and password setting?

As such there is no format for registration but by using a single email-id you can register only once. Please refrain from registering using multiple email-ids. There is no fixed format for password. However, please make sure that the length of the password is at least 8 characters and it has at least one digit, one alphabet and a non alpha-numeric character. If these rules are not followed you might get errors in registration.

Important Dates


BITS Pilani,Hyderabad Campus

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (BITS Pilani) is an institution of international repute. Over the years, BITS Pilani has provided the highest quality technical education to students from all over India and abroad admitted on the basis of merit, only. BITS Pilani is a multi-locational university with three campuses in India (Pilani, Goa & Hyderabad) and one international campus in Dubai (U.A.E). All four campuses offers degree programmes (B.E, M.E & Ph.D) in Engineering, Science, Technology, Pharmacy, Management and Humanities. During its five decades of existence as a University, BITS Pilani has established strong linkages with industries, R&D organizations and financial institutions through its university-industry linkage programmes, such as Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP) and Practice School (PS-I & PS-II).

Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME), Hyderabad Campus

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus started right at the inception of the campus in 2008 and has been offering B.E (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, B.E(Hons) Manufacturing Engineering, M.E (Design Engineering), M.E (Thermal Engineering) and Doctoral Research Programs. The department faculty members are also offering courses for the benefit of working professionals, as part of WILP programmes. The students of all tiers have access to both expert faculty members in the department and institute supported industry engagement opportunities. The department has extensive laboratory and infrastructural facilities (teaching, training and research),worth over INR 6.5 Crores.Also, faculty members have received external fundings from government agencies (DST/SERB, UGC/RA, BIRAC, DBT, SERC, DRDO) and industry sponsored research projects(Tenova Delkor India, HBL Power Systems, L&N Structural Engineers), worth close to INR 3 Crores.

          Research interests of the faculty members in engineering and material science, includes CFD analysis of thermal & fluid systems, thermal energy storage technologies, heat transfer augmentation techniques, nanoscale transport phenomena, fluid-structure interaction, wind engineering, condition monitoring, bluff-body flows, parallel computing, renewable energy planning & commercialization, green buildings, multicriterial evaluation, energy modeling & optimization for microgrid, FE/FV based thermal-mechanical analysis in manufacturing processes, sheet & bulk metal forming, constitutive modeling development for hot deformation of materials, CAD/CAM, product design & realization,additive manufacturing, high speed machining & process optimization, micro and nano machining, mechatronics and artificial intelligence, multi-objective scheduling, mechanical behavior of composites & biomaterials, thermodynamics of materials and materials for energy storage applications.

          Prominent foreign visitors to the department, includes Prof. B. V. Reddy (OIT-Canada), Prof. Romesh C. Batra (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Univ.), Dr. Raghu Mudhivarthi (Univ. of South Florida, USA), Prof. Yukio Tamura (Tokyo Polytechnic Univ., Japan), Prof. Shuyang Cao (Tonji Univ., Shanghai, China) and Prof. Krishna Challagulla (Laurentian Univ. Ontario, Canada)


MAE,IIT Hyderabad

The Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) has faculty members with specializations in the fields of fluid mechanics, heat transfer, combustion, computation fluid dynamics,solid mechanics, structural vibration and control, acoustics, robotics, materials, manufacturing, rapid-prototyping, etc. Currently, MAE is offering undergraduate (B.Tech) and post graduate (M.Tech and Ph.D) programs in Mechanical Engineering. The Fluids and Energy Systems (FES) group’s research activities comprises of combustion diagnostics using state-of-the-art laser diagnostic tools, numerical simulations of sprays, sub-sonic and super-sonic non-reacting and reacting flows, fundamental studies of fluid dynamics as well as rarefied gas dynamics.

Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer

The Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer (ISHMT) has been acting as a nodal agency in India stimulating researchers engaged in various areas of heat and mass transfer and bringing them together for fruitful interaction and exchange of ideas. The ISHMT organized the first National Heat and Mass Transfer Conference at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 1971 and subsequently the conference has been held once in every two years at different places across the country. In these conferences, many well-known experts from abroad have also participated, exchanged technical information and shared their expertise with the Indian researchers. In order to foster greater interaction with the researchers from overseas, ISHMT has started collaborating with other premier professional societies. During the period of 1994-2013, ISHMT and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) had jointly organized this conference. Thereafter,ISHMT and American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers (ASTFE) are jointly Organizing this conference.

American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers (ASTFE)

The American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers (ASTFE) was established in July 2014 to promote the science and applications of thermal and fluids engineering and related disciplines. ASTFE aims at providing opportunities to promote the dissemination of information and knowledge regarding thermal and fluids engineering, both nationally and internationally. It aligns itself with globally collaborative activities in the traditional areas of heat transfer and fluids engineering, as well as, in emerging areas such as those related to energy, environmental sustainability, manufacturing, thermal management, and micro- and nano-scale transport phenomena.

The ASTFE encourages the personal and professional development of young scientists and engineers, and promotes cooperation with other engineering and technical societies to enhance interactions with industry, government agencies and the public at large. Of particular interest to the Society is the organization of conferences and workshops that bring together diverse groups in these fields. American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers (ASTFE) is an U.S. nonprofit organization based in New York operating on web 2.0 IT platform to arrange professional communications, support conferences and professional communities.

International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT)

The International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT) is an international, professional, non-governmental, non-profit organization. The general objective of the Centre is to promote and foster international cooperation in the science of heat and mass transfer and its applications. The traditional activity of ICHMT is to organize the International Symposia and Seminars. These meetings have been always met with increasing interest by the scientific, technical and industrial communities. The general scope of the meetings has always been designed with the aim of active promotion of interesting scientific work and achievements at high technical levels.